The profession of law has been considered to be the most noble profession amongst other by the society. Social transformation has proved the society to be quick. Therefore, in such circumstances the nobleness needs to be preserved. Our values and culture derive us to serve the society and understand their needs.


The passion to express, after understanding, is the core value enshrined by us. This has made us understand the need of the hour and the expectation of the society. Therefore, in this pursuit our endeavor is to envisage the result and deliver to the people.

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The passion is to nurture with consistent drafting and arguing skills before the courts. As a lawyer we work with three LLL’s Loyalty, Leadership and Litigation and Four PPPP’s Punctuality, Patience, Performance and Perseverance. We also enjoy working with freedom and delivering the results to society. It is further experienced that affirmative results are importantly because of Team work. However, we are inclined towards sharing experiences with others so as to create new horizons.

Senior Partner & Consultant for SRS LEGAL

Sh. Jinendra Jain
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court of India

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